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Images of Nuit

Blue Goddess
Cut the Crap Illustration From here
Egyptian examples
Egyptian examples 2
Miscellaneous Images
Natalia Vodianova - A model in an ad campaign manifests a Goddess.
Our Lady of the Stars + Queen of Infinite Space - Mostly star pictures, but some very nice ones of the Goddess as well.
Punting Uuu - In the style of the game Smite (if I'm understanding it right). From here. From the description I'm not sure the artist understands who Nuit is; from the image I think they do.
My hair the trees of Eternity
Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge - Although this isn't intended as an image of Nuit, it's one of my favorite of her.
Siren Arts - Some of the most beautiful ones I've seen. Prints are available.
Stele of Revealing - The Egyptian artifact that formed the basis of the revelation of Nuit in the Book of the Law.
Trish Gentry
Tumblr - Numerous images.