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Prayers to Nuit

It is only in the Void that you are found,
manifest in the Nothingness,
the blackness between the stars:
You are seen in their sparkles.
I look up into your star-bedecked darkness, Nuit,
and am enfolded by Nothing.
I would ask you for gifts,
but what would you send then?
I ask for Nothing,
the greatest gift of all.

Long is the hair of the Star Goddess
and long is the night in which I wait for her.
Lost in the expanse of limitless space
containing infinite numbers of stars but filled with emptiness.
I cast myself into her measureless darkness,
confident that she will come if only I wait.
Though the night may be long, I will still wait for her,
offering my patience in sacrifice to win her presence.

You come in the silence, Nuit,
when space is left open for your infinite emptiness.
And so it is that speech, and deeds, and any searching won’t find you.
Only waiting.
I sit here and wait with openness, with longing but no expectation.
Though all else is empty, the longing remains.
I hope you will not begrudge me that, and will still bring me to you.

Fearful things surround me and fear rises in me:
Absorb both fearing and feared into your all-containing body, Nuit,
and leave me free.

Goddess of Infinite Stars,
and of the Infinite Space between them;
of Everything, of Nothing,
of the Nothing that is All.
I call to You from below,
to You above,
and beyond,
and between.
Take me into Your darkness,
bring me to shine as one of Your numberless stars.