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y Books:

Back to the Beginnings: Reinventing Wicca. Lulu Press, 2011.

When Gerald Gardner and his friends invented Wicca, they used the best scholarship of their day. So I wondered -- what if they were inventing it today and used today's best scholarship? I took the basics of traditional Wicca -- the God and the Goddess, a small group, initiation, the eight Neo-Pagan holidays -- and through the rest of it out. Then I rebuilt Wicca into a form that is closer to ancient Paganism while still being recognizably Wicca. The resulting book is a complete Book of Shadows with a running commentary providing both my sources and the theologoy that lies behind the book. I honestly think that this is some of my best ritual work.

Excerpts from this bookare on this site here: Back to the Beginnings.

This can be ordered from me, autographed, for $15.00, with free shipping for US addresses. Paypal only.

Deep Ancestors: Practicing the Religion of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. ADF Publishing, 2007.

The Proto-Indo-Europeans were the ancestors of such peoples as the Celts, the Norse, the Romans, the Greeks, and the Vedic Indians. I myself think that their culture is beautiful and profound, but even if you aren't interested in them for themselves you will find that their culture sheds a lot of light on those of their descendents.

Updated excerpts from this book are on this site here: Proto Indo-European (PIE) Religion

A treasure of knowledge about the foundations of modern day practices in the Pagan world that come to us from the past. --Searles O'Dubhain, Keltria

You can buy an autographed copy of Deep Ancestors from me for $25.00, with free shipping addresses. Paypal only.

A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book. Red Wheel/Weiser, 2011.

A sequel to my Book of Pagan Prayer. Like it, it includes several hundered prayers for a large number of occasions, plus a section on prayer theory. This time around, I concentrate on style and on ritual theory.

You can buy a copy of this from me for $17.00, with free shipping for US addresses. Best, of all, I'll autograph it for you. Paypal only.

A resource you’ll likely reach for again and again.
--Star Foster,

This book should be in every ritualistic pagans’ personal library.
--Angele Pippinger, The Pagan Mom Blog

A Book of Pagan Prayer. Red Wheel/Weiser, 2002.

There are two sections in this book. The first deals with prayer theory -- why we pray, how to write prayers, the significance of different postures, theology of offerings, etc. The second is a collection of around 500 prayers for such things as the seasons, life stages, and petitions.

A classic of modern Pagan spirituality
--Ancient Order of Druids in America

[T]he book is one of the best Pagan books I've seen; it makes an excellent start at filling a gaping hole in Pagan literature. It does a particularly good job of straddling the boundaries of different Pagan religions -- something rarely seen by Pagan literature. In short, I would unabashedly recommend it to any Pagan wishing to improve their personal worship habits.
-- Jonobie Ford, The Cauldron

A review on Youtube:

Something fun I found on youtube:
Gamia, by bornforwater. Someone took on of my prayers and translated it into her conlang. The result is very pretty, and as someone who once translated the Charge of the Goddess into Quenya I can hardly complain.

You can buy copies of A Book of Pagan Prayer from me for $17.00, with free shipping for US addresses. Paypal only.

The Pagan Family. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1994. Second edition is on this site, here

Selected Articles:

A Family Ritual for Brighid’s Day. Circle Network News, Summer, 1989.
Finding the Third Way: Becoming a Man. EarthSpirit Community Newsletter, Summer, 1991.
To Her. Enchanté 9 (Litha, 1991).
The Charge of the Goddess in Elvish. Enchanté 11 (Oimelc, 1992).
An Elvish Circle Casting. Enchanté 11 (Oimelc, 1992).
The Proto-Indo-European Creation Myth. Enchanté 15 (Midsummer, 1993).
Household Guardians: The Home as Altar. Enchanté 16 (Samhain,1993).
Creation Myth. Enchanté 17 (Spring, 1994).
Practice, not Belief. Moosewood Circle Journal. Beltane, 1994.
The Gundestrup Cauldron: A Response to Taylor. Keltria 22 (Summer, 1994).
Cernunnos: Iconography and Meaning. Keltria 23 (Fall, 1994); 24 (Samhain, 1994).
The Charge of the Goddess: A Source Analysis. Enchanté 21 (Carmentalia, 1996).
Review of Ronald Hutton, The Shamans of Siberia. Enchanté 21 (Carmentalia, 1996).
Proto-Indo-European Cosmology. The Druids’ Progress 13 (1994).
Proto-Indo-European Altars. The Druids’ Progress 15 (1995).
The Hearth in Indo-European Religion and ADF. The Druids’ Progress 16 (1996).
The Triple Demon of Samhain: An Indo-European Tale. Keltria 36 (Winter, 1997).
A Celtic Beltane Ritual. Oak Leaves 6 (April, 1998).
A Celtic Lughnasad Module. Oak Leaves 7 (1998).
Household Shrines: Shrines and Deities in a Roman Home. Enchanté 24 (Scirophoria and Alban Hefin, 1998).
Other People's Myths. Oak Leaves 10 (1999).
A Simplified Version of ADF Ritual. Oak Leaves 10 (1999).
Sacrifice, the Indo-Europeans, and ADF. Oak Leaves 16 (Samhain, 2000 – Imbolc, 2001).
Seeking the Wisdom of the Ancestors: A Form of Indo-European Divination. Oak Leaves 18 (n.d.).
The Place of Ritual. Oak Leaves 23 (Win. 2003).
American Pagan Prayers. Oak Leaves 27 (Win., 2004).

Copies of most of these are available; some as files, some as paper copies. If you are interested in obtaining one, drop me a line and we'll arrange something.

Academic Papers:
(Under the name “David Fickett-Wilbar”)

Cernunnos: Iconography and Ideology. 22nd Annual Celtic Studies Conference of the University of California, 2000.
Horses, Hounds, and Bare-Breasted Ladies. 24th Annual Celtic Studies Conference of the University of California, 2002.
Cernunnos: Looking a Different Way. 23rd Annual Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 2003. Published in the Proceedings, 2009.
Ritual Details of the Irish Horse Sacrifice in Beatha Molaise Daiminse. 27th Annual California Celtic Studies Conference of the University of California, 2005.