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And the Rest

One of the characteristics most apparent to friends is that it is difficult to shut me up. I seem to lack that internal censor which tells people that others arenít really interested in what I have to say.

Perhaps in this context that might be turned to an advantage, or at least not to a disadvantage. If you are quite sated you can simply sign off; if you are still interested you can read on.

This section of the website could simply be called "Miscellaneous," but since that is lacking in romance I though a reference to the classics might form a better title. It is meant to be a place to dump essays that donít fit into other categories, or ones that I write in the future and want to post without redesigning my website to accommodate them. I would hope that you would look for rhyme and reason within them, but donít look for any order between them. They may clump some, but then again they may not.

I hope that you will enjoy these random essays and thoughts that turned out to be too long to put in my blog. (Bonus points to those who get the reference in the page title.)