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Prayers to the Great Pink Poodle


Great Pink Poodle, follow the scent of the sacred;
hunt down thd prey of the holy.
You of light hue, with beribboned ears
You of light hue, with beribboned tale:
we call to you in the ancient way,
as is right and true,
as our ancestors did.
We throw the stick of our prayers:
fetch it and bring back the gods.
Come to us, Pink Poodle.
Sit. Stay. Good dog.


Pink Poodle, who dances about our legs,
run through woods and fields,
doing your thing against tree and stone.
But come when you are called
for you are a good dog.
Good by for now.
Go for a walk.
But come home when you hear your sacred call,
the Squeaky Call of Summoning.