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Things About Me

There are some things running around Facebook where you're supposed to list a certain number of facts about yourself. There are different numbers -- 16, 25, 40. I liked the idea; it seemed like a fun way to tell people more about me than I could in a formal way. This is my current list. I will probably add more from time to time.

1. I’m a bad writer but a good editor.

2. People think I’m a serious person, until they get to know me.

3. It bothers me that people have to get to know me before realizing I’m not just a serious person.

4. I think my wife is amazing.

5. My favorite TV show these days is “Big Bang Theory.”

6. I once took a bunch of light fiction books to a beach vacation only to discover that I preferred lying on the beach reading military history.

7. I’m a cat person and can’t understand why anyone would be a dog person.

8. It bothers me when people who aren’t close to me call me “Dave.” Especially since if they were close enough to me to call me by a nickname they would know that I don’t like being called “Dave.”

9. I’d eat ice cream every day if I could.

10. I love all things Disney.

11. I wish I were good at sports.

12. I’m such a linguistic geek that I once wrote an answering machine message in Proto-Indo-European.

13. My wife wouldn’t let me use it.

14. I’m learning to make jewelry and art.

15. I was very good at dodgeball in high school.

16. I own a dinosaur egg.

17. My favorite science fiction writer is Robert Heinlein.

18. My favorite book is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I read it at least once a year.

19. I decided I wanted to go to college in 3rd or 4th grade when I saw students walking across the campus at UNH. I wanted to do that.

20. I think “Voyager” is the best of the Star Treks, although episode “Darmok” in “The Next Generation” is the best episode.

21. I really like my nose.

21. My favorite move is “Casablanca.” My second favorite is “Blast from the Past,” with “Head” and “Galaxy Quest” right up there.

22. I like musicals. I grew up on them, and I’ve acted in and done tech for them. My favorite are “1776,” “Godspell,” and “Man of La Mancha.”

23. I like romantic comedies.

24. I read very little fiction, not because I don’t like it, but because I like it too much. I end up doing nothing else but read it. Non-fiction I can put down, though.

25. I’m a New Englander at heart. The casual friendliness of the Mid-West and South makes me nervous.

26. The money in my pocket is always crumpled. I tell my wife the bank gives it to me that way. She doesn't believe me.

27. I've taken courses in French, German, Irish, and Latin. Of these, I can sometimes read German, and usually read it with occasional help from a dictionary; can read Latin with a dictionary and sometimes a grammar; can read academic French enough to get the gist in areas I'm already knowledgable in; and can remember a few words of Irish.

28. I like using my snowblower.

29. My daughter is the most wonderful daughter ever. Being a father has been the most fulfilling thing that's ever happened to me.

30. And of course my grandaughter is amazing. She's adorable and brilliant.